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My name is Chris, I’m a 3DO collector who started collecting for the console in 2017 by buying an “as-is” FZ-10. I immediately fell in love with the aesthetic of the console in and out. Once I verified it read music CD’s I burned Killing Time and ordered two controllers. And well… That’s that. I own several prototype pieces of hardware outside of the consoles I own and wish to share beyond my instagram. I also plan on doing much more than showing undocumented hardware. Such as: flyers, ads, promotional pieces, and never before documented pieces of software. I now own 10 FZ-1 Consoles, 2 FZ-10’s, 5 Goldstars, 2 Sanyo retail systems, the NTSC HC-21 Protoype, 3DO M2 Arcade board, and The 3DO M2 Graphics Card Prototype.

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Episode of Hard4Games, some of my 3DO units (not including M2), and two sample copies of Total Eclipse
D ad From Panasonic
Sword and Sorcery Soundtrack booklet

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