Arcade Peripherals


The ZUNI-B was a controller board that plugged into the ALG 3DO system. This device would translate the jamma and trackball inputs into something the 3DO system could understand. This particular setup would emulate 2 mice inputs for two ALG games. The two games that utilized this were: Orbatak and Rockerball (planned but never release).

Coyote Board and Lightguns

The Coyote board would be found inside 3DO powered ALG full motion video lightgun games. Once again this board would also translate jamma and lightgun input. Any ALG arcade lightgun game ported to the 3DO hardware would utilize this hardware. It is also important to note that these lightguns pictured above will not work if plugged into the 3DO system. These guns have to be plugged into the Coyote in order to function properly.

Composite to RGB

This board can be found in these same ALG cabinets and was responsible for converting the composite video signal to RGB for the cabinet CRT.

Orbatak Playthough
Crime Patrol coin and playtime info saved on the FZ-1 unit it came with.
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