Controller Prototypes

FZ-JP1 Ver 2.0

These FZ-JP1 controllers are early versions of what would become the retail JP1. On the front of Testing Stations you may notice a sticker that warns to only use Ver 2.0 or above versions of 3DO controllers. This would be caused by the vast differences between the actual 3DO hardware in the console and controllers both, from the original hardware. It is also important to note that: Not every JP1 controller is a prototype.

Other Controller Prototypes

As seen here, the Inter-Action controller which is pre-ver 2.0, as one could assume so is the one paired with the Sanyo. As for the Goldstar and Samsung, these two controllers are both obvious post-Ver 2.0. These 8 prototype controllers and the VR Headset have yet to surface in the hands of a collector or revealings from any ex-employee. Forever lost in time. The wireless controllers on the bottom are prototype Naki Infrared controllers. These four consoles will be covered in their respective console prototype sections.

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