The CREATIVE 3DO Blaster was a PC card that integrated 3DO hardware with a VGA capture device. This device paired with the proper software would allow for the PC to overlay the video output from the card to a window in Win3.1. The card came with 3 software titles: Shockwave, Gridders, and Sampler disc #2. Hardware packaged with the device was a Logitech Control Pad 1 with the Creative logo printed on the front. The card is believed to be limited to the CR-56X series cd-rom drive series (CR-563-B pictured above), though others have claimed to pair it with faster drives than the original 2x that it was intended for. The CR-56X series drives are Panasonic designed compact disc drives that are used in R-E-A-L 3DO systems (CR-560) and PC’s.

PC Specs:

  • IBM Personal Computer 340
  • Intel Pentium 66MHZ
  • Cirrus Logic CL-GD5434
  • Creative branded CR-563-B
  • Unbranded Sound Card
  • Resolution – 640×480
  • CF to IDE adapter
  • Floppy Drive Emulator
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