FZ-1 Prototypes

DFUP0576ZAM(a) ver .5

This is the DFUP0576ZAM(a) ver .5. While yes, testing stations are not prototypes, this early hardware variant of the FZ-1 has the original reminiscent of what the hardware was prior to retail release. The 3DO company would do many things that would keep pushing first title releases further and further back. This early testing station is the complete evidence of those claims. The date markings inside this console say the case was made July of 1993 and the CD drive being May of 1993! This means they made some absurdly huge changes to the hardware that close to the launch month of October. This unit is riddled with jumper wires and added components to what already existed. Underneath all of that modification is what the 3DO hardware used to be originally and quite possibly the original bios under those ribbon cables to the right.


As seen here, the Inter-Action is what the REAL used to be. At some point the name was changed to REAL between this and the ver 0.5 unit above. The Inter-Action would most likely house something similar to the hardware specs seen under modifications the ver 0.5 unit above. This unit has yet to surface into any collectors hands, and if it has, there is no publication of it. The video below shows the system being displayed January of 1993.

First REAL Labelled Prototype

This post Inter-Action pre-REAL would be the first glimpse at the retail finalization. As you can see, the prototype JP1 is an empty shell with stickers instead of silking. The case is also missing print on the front. Despite this not being the official REAL visually, Magazines used this particular protoype in many, many articles to depict the 3DO FZ-1, up until the discontinuation in 1996!

Other Panasonic FZ-1 Prototypes

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