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Goldstar ALIVE GDO-101

The Alive was a line of 3DO released in Korea. This hardware would have the same revisions of it’s PAL/NTSC counterparts, but would rock a visual overhaul with “ALIVE” on the top, much like the Panasonic REAL. These units would also have a 220v power supply, so don’t expect to find one and just plug it up, you’ll either need a power converter or to modify the console with a 120v supply from an NTSC-U model. If you’re in the PAL region, don’t expect to buy this region of console and plug it up without issue, because Korea is NTSC video signal. Korea would also receive “3DO Cafes” where you could go with your friends and play Alive kiosks with the latest 3DO games for the region, but we will get to that later.

Goldstar/LG ALIVE 2 GDO-203

The Alive 2 had two branding variants. This unit reads “LG” while other Alive 2 units may read “Goldstar”. This revision would be Goldstars equivalent of the FZ-10. The Alive 2 would house the ANVIL chipset along with other chips specific to these units, such as ‘BOB’.

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