Panasonic REAL FZ-1

Matte-Top Three-Piece 1993

This is the 1993 retail unit. The Matte Three-Piece would appear for only the last of 1993 and back-stock units for a little into 1994. This hardware would see 2 major variants. First variant with removable riser RAM board with AT&T branded GPU’s and a second variant with normal flat RAM chips with 3DO re-branded GPU’s.

Gloss-Top Three-Piece 1994

The gloss top would be introduced to the market in 1994 when the REAL would launch in Japan and PAL regions. Only thing to change for these specific launch units is the glossy top and a slight hardware revision making it ever so slightly cheaper to manufacture.

On a side note, the unit pictured below is the Two-Piece FZ-1 from late 1994. This unit would only be a solid single piece on the top half.

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