Promotional/3DO Direct Items

Plastic 3DO Red Coffee Mug

This coffee mug could be seen at 3DO convention tables and may or may not have been given out to gamers interested. The original owner expressed to me how unsure of his actions he was, after explaining that this particular mug may have not been on the table for grabs. But that was 20 years ago, no ones keeping tabs on him over some mug, right?….. Right??

Samurai Showdown Fan

This item was sent with a copy of the game to a member of the press.

3DO ALIVE Miscellaneous Items

Pictured above are various items found on a website called Naver. Because the website and blogs are so hard to navigate, I am unable to link to the blogs where they were posted. Even some viewable blogs where I got various images are now unavailable for public viewing.

Miscellaneous Items

The first two images of items were sent to an individual by Panasonic when he called and asked about an upcoming release. He said the man on the phone was really nice and Panasonic promptly sent him a package that included these pins, erasers, and the UMK3 hat pictured in the apparel category.

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