Sanyo TRY IMP-21J

This is the Sanyo TRY. Only being released in Japan, it would be the strangest of the 3 main 3DO consoles on the market. With a CD drive similar, and interchangeable in some cases, to the Goldstar and the same controller as Panasonic. This unit’s expansion port on the right side is the same as the ones on the Panasonic consoles. This allows you to attach Panasonic VCD modules to the system. It is also unclear if they planned to release Sanyo branded peripherals for the TRY, besides the controller. This console, much like the Alive 2, has a different hardware setup from the rest of the 3DO family. Though the console has the traditional Madam and Clio setup, it has several NAND chips and jumpers on the inside. Though it is unclear what these jumpers actually switch between.

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