Rare Software and Homebrew

Rare Software


This is a link to the archival of a retail signed Orbatak.


OpenLara (Tomb Raider)

OpenLara is an open source project by XProger. You can find the early Alpha Demo here.

F3600 (WipeOut)

F3600 is a port project by XProger in early alpha stages. Demo not available.


BioFury is a raycaster first person shooter by Retro Love Letter. Full game here .

Jingles Defense

Strategy game inspired by Rodents Revenge, created by Retro Love Letter. Can be downloaded here

Bizarro Untergrund

Underground mining game demo, project by BugoTheCat. Demo can be downloaded here

Crystal Borg in Hyperspace

Crystal Borg in Hyperspace is a small playable demo by BugoTheCat. Demo can be downloaded here

REAL Super Breakout

REAL Super Breakout, inspired by the original Breakout. Demo available here. Still in development by 3DO HD.

REAL Tetris

REAL Tetris, inspired by modern adaptions and original releases. By 3DO HD. REAL Tetris REAL Tetris 2

Wreckman and Pacman

Wreckman is a game inspired by Namco’s Pacman, programed by Retro Love Letter. Also pictured above is a Pacman mod of Wreckman by Archive3DO

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