Unreleased 3DO Consoles

Panasonic Karaoke On Demand 3DO

In 1994 “Cable TV 94” was held in Ikebukuro for three days, from November 30th to December 2nd. More than 80 companies exhibited new products and ideas. At this exhibit, Matsushita Electric Industrial exhibited a prototype “Karaoke on Demand System” using 3DO hardware. It is unclear if this hardware was ever released on the commercial scale as advertised at Ikebukuro.

Samsung 3DO

This is the Samsung 3DO. This fully functional unit would have an internal mpeg decoder to allow native VCD playback. Sadly, Samsung pulled the plug when 3DO stock dropped in 1995.


AT&T would fab the GPU’s used for 3DO hardware and plan to release their own 3DO. These plans never came to reality. This system’s body lines are almost a perfect match to the FZ-1, leading us to believe this system had no revision differences from Panasonic’s FZ-1.

Toshiba 3DO and US WEST Interactive TV

Toshiba had a portable 3DO in the works for vehicles. This was supposedly in a premature state of development and hardware was prototyped, though nothing has ever surfaced physically for us to see how the hardware was setup. Toshiba would scrap the project in 1995 after the drop in the 3DO Company’s stock.

US West would start development for a set-top box. This also quickly got scrapped after the 3DO Stock fell in 1995. No physical piece of this hardware has surface yet.

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