VCD Modules

CES GoldStar Prototype GPA511M

This is a very interesting module manufactured in-house by GoldStar. When attached to a GoldStar system, it boots the system as a Panasonic REAL. The sticker on the outside was ripped off by the original owner, who refuses to speak out about the unit. The device can be seen in use along with multiple others at the Winter CES of 1994. Any further information on this unit would greatly help fill in the blanks. The image below is what is believed to be a depiction of what the unit above used to look like before stripped of all it’s identifiable labels.

Panasonic FV-1 Prototype

The unit pictured attached to the FZ-1 has yet to be found. These images appear to be the only existing proof of it. This is the first (known) online publication of these exact images. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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