The FZ-FV1 and FZ-FV1A would be released for the Panasonic FZ-1. These models would require an external power source unlike their successor for the FZ-10. FV1 would have an earlier bios compared to the updated bios in the FV1A.


This is the Panasonic FZ-FV10. This module would be released for the FZ-10, require no external power source, and match the FZ-10 aesthetic. Fun Fact: when the casing is removed you can plug this board straight into the Sanyo TRY and make it boot like a Panasonic FZ-10. This module does not work for the FZ-1 or Goldstar systems.


The GPA511M would be released for the Goldstar 3DO… as in proprietary to the Goldstar systems. This VCD module can only be use in the Goldstar units, so don’t expect to pick one up for your Panasonic or Sanyo system.


The FZ-EM256 as an external memory unit that connects to the serial port in the back of all 3DO systems. This peripheral requires a specific memory manager to operate as normal memory managers cannot access the I/O, only the on-board 3DO SRAM. Also pictured is a Japanese bundle including ThemePark as a pack-in.

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