Goldstar GPA111M

Goldstar would pair the GPA111M with their consoles across the worldwide 3DO market. In PAL territories the all grey systems would be paired with all grey controllers. This grey would be the same color grey of the buttons seen on the controller above. Like the Sanyo and Panasonic controllers, the Goldstar controller would also be equipped with a headphone jack. At some point Goldstar would opt out of the headphone jack implementation, like Panasonic.

FlightStick Pro CH Products

This flightstick released by CH Products would allow fluid controls and gameplay for the games that supported it. This controller saw two main hardware variants, one would allow two player with a splitter at the end of the cord and the other would only allow for one player.

3RD Party

While there is plenty more 3rd party controllers for the 3DO hardware, this is what’s currently accessible for upload to the website. As always, more to come!

American Laser Games GAMEGUN

The GAMEGUN was released for American Laser Game titles and has compatibility with Virgin Interactive’s Demolition Man. Two main variants exist of the GAMEGUN. One is a single player gun and the other is a two player gun with a splitter on the end of the cord.

Panasonic FZ-JS1 Digital Arcade Stick

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