The FZ-JP1 and FZ-JP1X both share the same exact shell. The JP1 being the first model released, packed-in with early launch FZ-1 systems, had D-pad issues. This issue would be worked out internally, then a sticker renaming the controller model to “JP1X”. When the sticker is peeled off, you can see the original JP1 model behind it. Though, later JP1X models (like the one pictured with the red box above) would NOT have this sticker renaming the model. It would instead have the JP1X model molded to the housing.

Pictured in the following order: Pack-in JP1 back, pack-in JP1 front, Sticker variant JP1X w/box, sticker variant w/sticker removed, remolded JP1X model w/box


Using the same housing as the FZ-JP1/X, the Sanyo IMP-CP1 was re-branded for the TRY. Originally the TRY prototype was pictured with a Genesis controller where the 3DO logo replaced the Genesis logo.


The FZ-JJXP (A.K.A Capcom Soldier) would be advertised for the Super Street Fighter on the 3DO. Two known hardware variants exist. These two variants being one as a splitter and the other as a multi-tap.

3DO Mouse M-TA15/FZ-JM1

The 3DO Mouse would see two variations. One being the very rare Logitech branding, the second being Panasonic branded. Though when both are opened up, they are the exact same on the inside. The Panasonic mouse is even labelled M-TA15 on it’s board. The logitech mouse is very rare to stumble upon, as there is no info online except a brief mention on wikipedia of there being one. When you only include results using the Logitech model number you get zero results, up until the point of this page.

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