Region Exclusive Consoles


Goldstar ALIVE

The Alive was a line of 3DO released in Korea. This hardware would have the same revisions of it’s PAL/NTSC counterparts, but would rock a visual overhaul with “ALIVE” on the top, much like the Panasonic REAL.

Goldstar/LG ALIVE 2

The Alive 2 had two branding variants. This unit reads “LG” while other Alive 2 units may read “Goldstar”. This revision would be Goldstars equivalent of the FZ-10. The Alive 2 would house the ANVIL chipset along with other chips specific to these units, such as ‘BOB’.

More on Korean Goldstar systems here

DMB-800 3DO/VCD Combo Player

The DMB-800 system is still fairly mysterious to the 3DO scene. It was sold as a VCD/3DO player in South Korea. The first two images shown above originated from a collection of Korean 3DO collection photos here , and the last image was found here. Though physically existing, documentation is close to none. This system is bound to end up else where on the website if anymore information arises.


Panasonic FZ-1 ‘Premium’ Bundle

The Premium bundle came with the A/B switch FZ-1, Sample Disc, and Kodak picture CD.


5 disc Changer 3DO system made for hotels. More info here

Sanyo 3DO

Simply a Sanyo Branded 3DO, more info here


Taiwan ‘Pink Sticker’ FZ-10

Nothing Special about this system except the large pink sticker describing the systems capabilities and compatible media. This console variant in particular has all text in Chinese.

Images borrowed from here

PAL Regions

Grey GDO-202

Nothing Special about this system except the completely Gray console body. This Gray console was sold in most PAL regions and is Anvil based hardware.

Images borrowed from here

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